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Don't settle for a weak prayer life when you can hold in your hands the way to go deep in prayer. Everyone wants to connect with God more deeply. This book shows you how.


Dr. Gil Stieglitz takes readers through forty days of prayer prompts that will have them experiencing new answers and new ways of praying. Most believers want to journey more into prayer but they do not know what to pray. This books shows you how to expand and powerfully deepen your prayer life. Never again will you run out of things to pray after just a few minutes. You will learn more about God and experience more of Him in prayer than ever before.

You can go on this adventure in prayer as an individual, with your family, with a small group, or with your whole church. This easy to use book helps the average person use the classic prayer guides to expand their prayer life.Most people are not satisfied with their prayer life, but they don't know how to practically change. This book offers biblical answers to a deeper, richer, and more powerful prayer life.


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Going Deep in Prayer

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