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A new family decides to visit your church. Now what?


Is your church prepared to do what it takes to integrate them as healthy, growing members of your church?


This book provides a systematic approach answering the questions, "How can I keep more visitors coming to my church?" and, "Why aren't we able to hang on to them once they come?"


Most church leaders struggle with this issue of Keeping Visitors. Visitors assume the church will do the work of connecting them to others and to God, and the church assumes that the visitors will do what it takes to connect until they become a part of the church. In this day and age, this isn't a reliable strategy, especially for non-Christians, as the church is not the driving force of their lives yet. Churches must think through the steps of welcoming and assimilating visitors into the church in order to maximize it's potential for Christ. Gil Stieglitz introduces this practical, workable assimilation system to help churches work through their own visitor assimilation process. This process really does work. Churches who have implemented the ideas in Keeping Visitors report significant jumps in their visitor retention rates, one even as high as 93%! It is not personality-driven but instead reaches out with the love of Christ and welcomes people into a community of faith.


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Keeping Visitors

  • Available in paperback and ebook.

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