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A new and fresh approach to understanding the Armor of God of Ephesians 6:10-18. 


God does not give us theories in Scripture. He tells us how to live in a dynamic and restful way. The same is true when it comes to God's Armor, but so often we have missed what God was really saying. We get lost in an analysis of Roman military equipment, but there is a subtle danger in associating the spiritual armor with the Roman armor too closely.


Roman armor has limitation and weaknesses, therefore we can tend to limit the spiritual weapon to acting in the same way and with the same limitations as the Roman pieces of armor. But each of the spiritual pieces of God's armor is powerful way beyond comparison to any belt, shield, sword, and the like.


This book takes a different approach. We examine things like:


  • What the heroes of the faith (Job, David, Peter, Paul, Moses, etc., and most importantly Jesus) actually did when they encountered the Devil.
  • How to know which metaphorical piece of God's Armor to engage that aligns with the actual spiritual weapon.
  • What strategies the heroes of the faith used to challenge the strategies of the Devil.
  • How they won over and over again with these simple but powerful spiritual weapons.


The book includes truth, recommended righteous actions, strategies of peace, an overview of God-designed risk, daring ways of escape, whispers of God's Word, specific prayers, and feedback-corrected actions.


Available in paperback and ebook at

Secrets of God's Armor

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