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This book was written for the Christian who may be experiencing spiritual activity but either doesn't recognize it or doesn't understand what to do with it. 


The Gift of Seeing Angels & Demons is the first book of its kind that addresses the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits. Dr. Susan Merritt provides meaningful insights, tools, and a fresh perspective on spiritual warfare. She explains the calling a discerner of spirits faces and instructs on protection, prayer, and recognizing advanced warning of spiritual attack. She writes,


"For those of us who are gifted by God to 'discern the presence of spirits,' worship at church is more often about a calling rather than comfort. Some Christians are gifted to be able to recognize the presence of angels, demons, and spiritual warfare, as evidenced by Scripture and sometimes by bizarre and inexplicable events."


Dr. Gil Stieglitz says,

"Yes, there are some people who see angels and demons. God has given them a gift to perceive the spiritual realms and what is happening there. At first, Christians perceiving angels and demons for the first time can be overwhelmed by what they 'see.' God has signed them up for an adventure that many of them did not want. He wants them to grow in their faith and help others win against the schemes of Satan. This book is wonderful and mind-bending all at the same time. Angels are naturally invisible to human eyes because they are spirit, not flesh. God has given some believers the supernatural ability to 'see' angels, both good and evil, in order to help Christians cooperate with or resist against what they are trying to do. As our world plunges into a time of spiritual darkness in these last days, God seems to be giving more people the ability to 'see' or discern the presence and work of spirits; that is, the gift of discerning of spirits."


Available in paperback and ebook:

The Gift of Seeing Angels and Demons

  • Available in paperback and ebook.

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