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Do you want to hear God speak to you? 


Too much of modern prayer is asking God for stuff we want. There is nothing wrong with this but the only way God can respond to that form of prayer is to give us what we want or refuse to answer. Too often we only think to ask for selfish requests so God cannot give us a positive answer and all we get is deafening silence.  


Wouldn't you want to "hear" God interact with you about the deep stuff in your soul? 


In order to have that happen, you have to learn to pray in a way that is not even called "prayer" these days. It involves getting much closer to the Bible. Join me in learning to pray in a way that will connect you deeper with God and transform your life. The amount of promises and blessing connected to this form of prayer are staggering. Come learn a new way of praying and leave your frustration about prayer behind.


This short book explains a very different way of praying and just may be the most significant book I have written to date. It may well be the most impactful book you will read all year.


Available in paperback and ebook at

They Laughed When I Wrote Another Book on Prayer: How to Make Prayer Work

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