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Everyone is created for a purpose, and this book is here to help you find it.

Imagine the possibility that there really is something distinctive that you and only you were created to do at this time, in this place. Ponder this fact—if you don’t dream it, create it, write it, tell it, sing it, or build it, “it” won’t ever be done. Turn down the volume on the negative voices attempting to tell you another story. Dare to believe that you have a water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making destiny that will change you and change the world. It’s time to intentionally choose “now” as the right time to begin your journey of purpose, answering the age-old questions “Who am I?” and “What am I supposed to be doing?”


Join Jenny Williamson, author of Do You Have the Courage to Be You? and Founder/CEO of Courage Worldwide as she walks you through this 10-week, very intentional journey of purpose and courage. Discover your true identity and destiny as you walk step by step through a journey of self-discovery and honest assessment. Hundreds of people, both men and women, have taken this challenge and have been changed. You can be changed, too! This workbook contains 10 weeks of exercises, assessments, and interactive features with special messages from Jenny accessible on your computer or mobile device. It also includes participation in an on-line community of other Uniquely You travelers. This study is perfect for men or women and can be done in small groups (recommended) or as an individual.


Friend, you don’t have to go through the same frustration Jenny did when she embarked on her own journey of purpose, as told in her story Do You Have the Courage to Be You? Uniquely You is designed to give a comprehensive and cohesive framework to discover who you were created to be and what you are supposed to be doing—to ultimately discover this important truth: “You were created on purpose for a purpose.”


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