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Let's face it—parenting is hard! 


In fact, many parents agree it's the hardest job they've ever had to do. Did you know there are specific reasons why some families do well and others come unglued? Wise Parenting: Creating the Joy of Family offers six parenting essentials that successful, joy-filled families all seem to have.


This is more than just another parenting book—this is a book of hope, as well as a practical guide for success in some of the most difficult parenting areas.

For over three decades, Dr. Gil Stieglitz has worked with countless parents and teens involving family issues. He noticed a pattern emerge between families who "did it right" and the absence of that pattern in families who came apart. He and his wife, Dana Stieglitz, put this pattern into practice while raising their three daughters. Today, they share an uncommon depth of relationship and joy with each of them. Now they pass this pattern on to you, so you can create a truly enjoyable family of your own too.


Available in paperback, ebook, and audio book!


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Wise Parenting: Creating the Joy of Family

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