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Breakfast with Solomon: A Daily Training Course in Wisdom 


Breakfast with Solomon is a daily devotional on the Book of Proverbs written by Pastor Gil Stieglitz. Each day, you will receive in-depth teaching on the two paths to take in life: wisdom and foolishness, each yields completely different results. Through the mouth of Solomon, God explains, motivates, and directs us to take the path of wisdom, but we have to know the difference. Breakfast with Solomon is a training course on how to become wise; that is, living life with godly wisdom that leads to health.

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Life Is Relationships.

Your Greatest Life Is Great Relationships!

Life Is Relationships is written to encourage and strengthen you in the ten most basic relationships in your life: God, Self, Spouse, Children, Work, Church, Money, Friends, Community, and Enemies. Each week, you will receive communications written by one of our PTLB Coaches or Counselors. It's like receiving free pastoral counseling delivered right to your inbox! Life Is Relationships delivers twice a week.

Topics will focus on what it means to please God in all areas of life, such as how to live victoriously in married life or as a single adult; parenting young children, adolescents, and young adults; managing money and finances; practicing spiritual disciplines; fighting spiritual warfare; and living as a Christian in this crazy, broken world. 

After all, your greatest life is great relationships!

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