Is Evil Real?

Could you recognize a spiritual attack?

Do you know how to fight in a spiritual battle?

Basic Spiritual Warfare
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The early Church was a dynamic and powerful force because it trained Christians to know that evil was real and how to combat against spiritual enemies. It taught them how to love God and to proficiently use all of the weapons of righteousness that the Lord Jesus Christ provided for believers, so they could experience a life of freedom, dignity, love, and joy (which was unknown in the ancient world).  

Basic Spiritual Warfare combines the ideas and concepts of several spiritual warfare "weapons” into one resource. It aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the spiritual realm, the enemies we face as humans, and how to fight against and win in spiritual warfare. Like the early Christians, we can learn to live in the world but not of it. We can be ready, armed, and prepared for spiritual battles that come at us. Not only will we survive, but we can thrive in the midst of the wickedness that infects our society today. 

This book will help you create for yourself a righteous life of love, joy, and spiritual power by teaching you how to build a spiritual force field around your life to shield you from any wickedness around you. If after reading through this book you would like more in-depth teaching and practical exercises on the topics of spiritual warfare, I encourage you to check out our Weapons of Righteousness study guides and other books in our online store or through Amazon


  • The Spiritual Disciplines

  • The Three Enemies and the Four Weapons

  • Closing Spiritual Doorways

  • The Armor of God

  • Delighting in God

  • Satan and the Origin of Evil

  • Deep Happiness

  • The Schemes of Satan

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