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Christians often make three mistakes when they look at the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). Some focus almost completely on the historical pieces of Roman warfare and miss the actual truth God is teaching in this metaphor. Second, some Christians see this passage as symbolic of the struggle against general evil instead of a fight against a specific foe with actual strategies and actual spiritual weapons that God provides. Third, many Christians do not see this section of Scripture as a practical list of what to do when temptation, oppression, or spiritual assault is intense and persistent. The Armor of God is a dynamic listing of ways to erect a spiritual force field. Do not focus on the Roman illustration of armor but on the actual spiritual protection that God details for us through the pen of the Apostle Paul. There are many things we can learn from an understanding of the Roman armor, but the focus should be on the spiritual armor. The spiritual armor helps us resist whatever the Devil is trying to get us to do or think. Open these pages and learn how to use these amazing spiritual weapons.

Class 1

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Class 2

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Class 3

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Class 4

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Class 5

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Class 6

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Class 7

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1st and 2nd Commandments

9 Relationships


Fruit of the Spirit

Ten Commandments

The 10 Fence

The Ladder of Virtue

The Lord's Prayer

Class 8

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