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Pastoral Services

Pastor Michael Baggett


Michael was first licensed as a minister in 1996 and then ordained in 2004. He has been truly honored to serve hundreds of couples by providing a professional, yet casual and personal wedding ceremony. He is a gifted and experienced pastor with a real passion to see married couples thrive. He understands the significance of a ceremony that honors the bride and groom, blesses and inspires the guests and glorifies God.


Michael brings a balanced portion of humor and candor to wedding ceremony while basing the ceremony on Biblical principles and truth that reflect God’s design for marriage.


Wedding Ceremony Rates

Fees: $800 includes your wedding of course, and three (3) 75 minute face to face meetings prior to your wedding that include some premarital counseling and creating a custom wedding ceremony service order.


Additional fees:  

$100 for local rehearsal (within 1 hour)

$100 for weddings 1-3 hours from Sacramento

Please speak with Michael about any other arrangements.


These funds help us to help churches expand and deepen their ministries.

Do you know a pastor? If so that is great. Please ask him/her to do your wedding. If you do not know a pastor personally and would like to have an experienced pastor not just do your ceremony, but invest in you as a couple, please know that we have a huge passion to see marriages thrive and succeed. We would be honored to provide some pre-marital counseling and proved a high quality, meaningful ceremony for your wedding.  

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