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The 4 Keys to a Great Family - By Dr. Gil Stieglitz at Mount Hermon

According to the president of a well known youth ministry that works with 250,000 kids in 600+ cities, over 80% of the young people will abandon their faith in college. I have watched with alarm the growing number of families who have teenagers that rebel from their parents. This course was designed to cover the essentials that are needed to keep this rebellion from God and from their parents from happening. When parents of teenagers work hard at instilling the four keys into their family, the nature of the family changes. Many parents are not prepared for the significant changes that they must make in their parenting style as their children grow into the teenage years. It is not enough to have great kids when they are in elementary school. A great family is an enjoyable family through the teenage years as well. Don’t miss this resource if you are headed into the teenage years or are already in them. —Dr. Gil Stieglitz

Session 1 - Relationships (46:02)

Session 2 - Responsibility (45:22)

Session 3 - Rules (40:32)

Session 4 - Respect (45:45)

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