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  • Holly Eaton

Choosing to Take God at His Word

Lord, regardless of how I feel right now, the truth is that you are my thoroughly capable caretaker, my most devoted friend, and my infallible guide. You want nothing less than the absolute best for me. You love me more than I love myself and can take better care of me than I can take of myself.

I'm struggling.

You're so invisible; it's impossible for me to see you in this darkness, so please help me to sense your presence in a tangible way.

Right now, as an act of my will, I choose to come toward you, to cooperate with you rather than the enemy.

Even though I feel depressed and self-protective, I choose to believe that your promises are absolutely legitimate.

I choose to push away the awful stuff that feels so real to my flesh and to exchange it for actual truth from your viewpoint. Please reveal to me the way you see my circumstances.

You are the Source of everything I need. I am safe with you. I can be vulnerable when I'm in your care because your love for me is perfect; you will not harm me and your grace is sufficient for me. You always provide me with good resources. Thank you. Please help me to reach out and use them in ways that please you and that help me.

I choose to lie down and rest at your feet, like a sheep with its shepherd, in the comfort of "green pastures" that you keep providing for me, even when I am ungrateful or neglect to notice.

I choose to walk with you through this valley of shadows and pain and to intentionally turn my back on evil, self-pity, entitlement, and thoughts of revenge or self-harm.

I choose to picture you right here, right now, because in truth, you are actually here with me. It's as if you have prepared a delicious feast for me and are sitting here at the table to eat it with me while the enemy of my soul stalks all around us, eager to destroy me. Thank you for your protection and companionship.

I choose to accept the manner in which you are anointing my head with the holy oil of painful circumstances, not that you have caused them, but you certainly have allowed them. So, please don't waste this pain. I give myself to you and ask that you please use this time to your glory and for my growth. Please set me apart in order for me to receive the precarious gift of an otherwise unattainable wisdom, for an eventual ministry of empathy, which will come with the sunrise. My cup really does overflow as you continuously pour into it blessings I could never have imagined at an earlier time in my life. Surely, your utter goodness and unfathomable mercy envelop me now and will continue to be with me all the days of my life.

Even though, at this juncture, I cannot even begin to imagine what hopeful or pleasant things my future could possibly include, I know for a fact that I will not be alone in it. You've assured me that you'll be with me consistently, no matter what. I know that you won't ever leave me or forsake me because that's what you promised, and you never lie. And because you never lie, you've actually obligated yourself to me to make all this eventually work out for my good because I love you, and you love me, and you've specifically called me and given me a divine purpose.

Therefore, I choose to walk with you throughout my life, one step at a time, so that you can show me the way. And no matter where I go or where I stay, it will be your house I'm living in, with you as my perfect, powerful, constant companion forever.

Thank you, Lord.

And so be it.

Holly Eaton

Clinical Christian Counselor


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