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Affirmation #4: You Were Created for a Purpose

"For we are HIs workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them." (Eph. 2:10)

In Ephesians, we find a key verse to a blessed and transformed life. Ephesians 2:10 conveys the message that each and every one of us have been placed on this earth to accomplish something great. We have a purpose. Our lives have meaning. We were shaped and placed in our specific place and time to accomplish a particular mission that God has for us - one that will unfold before us over the course of time. To get from a life that is stuck to one that is blessed and abundant, we must embrace this idea.

Let’s delve into Ephesians 2:10 in more depth:

For we are His workmanship...

The Christian's life is the workmanship of God. As the Master Potter, He uses His tools and spins the turntable to create out of our lives a thing of beauty. God wants to put our lives on display for all the angels and others to see, so they can know the kind of God He is.

The word workmanship is the word poiema, which means the things that are made or the workmanship. We get the English word poem from this word, which is the crafting of words into tight arrangements so that the power of the message is doubled or even tripled. Our lives are like God’s poetry, refined and arranged to communicate a powerful message.

When a carpenter makes something, he goes through many steps to bring about the final result. In the same way, God is making us into something useable and significant for His glory. We are like trophies and tools in the hand of the Master. He will have to bend us and sand us and smooth us off, so that we can be prepared to accomplish the various good works that God has waiting for us as we live out life.

created in Christ Jesus to do good works...

The project that God is working on is within the boundaries of embracing Christ Jesus. He can do so much more with believers who will trust Him and who believe that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. The work of the Christ-trusting Christian has a higher purpose, a higher calling. The work itself takes on a redemptive purpose.

How will we know they are from Him? They are good works. The word good is the Greek word agathos, which means good, beneficial, useful, and excellent. The idea here is that there are truly beneficial things that we as God's tools are designed to do. We cannot allow those opportunities to pass by. These are not just small, little things, but also society-changing things. These are not just hard, difficult things, but also easy, simple acts of kindness.

which God prepared beforehand...

We are being shaped to accomplish a particular good thing. God knows the flow of history and when certain things will need to be done and who will be in that exact spot with the capability to make a difference for righteousness (rightness). He knows the exact time when the good work must be done, so He must get us ready for that moment.

He will be offering us an opportunity to be the hero. He will give us the chance to have the respect, to change the course of history, to make a difference, to be a key influence in at least one person's life. Let God work on developing your skills to be a positive change-agent in the life of other people.

so that we would walk in them.

You are being asked to surrender to God's plan for your life, a plan that is better than any other plan you could put together. Yes, your dreams and egoistic wishes may die hard, but your good works for Christ will be rewarded strongly in heaven.

There are two kinds of opportunities that you will come across-those that require the unique gifts and talents that you possess, and those that do not require any specific special talents; they just require compassion and love in order to do them. Both of these kinds of good works have been prepared for you -- spontaneous and unique good works.

We are not on this earth for a self-focused purpose. We are on this earth to accomplish certain things. There will be opportunities each day that God will have prepared that we can jump into and benefit others. They may be opportunities for mercy, opportunities to meet needs, opportunities to benefit someone else, or opportunities to inject truth. Be alert for these opportunities.

God is looking for people who are willing to be shaped in to tools for good works. Remember, God is for you. He wants you to be a success even if His plan is different than yours. His plan will contain more refining and more difficulties and more knowledge and skill acquisition than you will want to go through, but then you become His workmanship for the abundant life.

What servant actions and loving things are you supposed to do today? What is God prompting you to do to possibly prepare for something coming in the future? If you need help finding your purpose, your "why" behind your existence, then consider going through a resource that PTLB has published with author Jenny Williamson,

Uniquely You.

Join me next week for affirmation #5.

Serving Him,

Gil Stieglitz

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