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Breakfast with Solomon - Psalms 139:13

"For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb"

This incredible song from the sweet singer of Israel, King David, tells in this section that God did not make any mistakes when you were created with the personality, gifts, talents, abilities, and interests that were woven into you.

Too many people believe that somehow God was not active when their bodies were put together. They mistakenly believe that they are not special. You are special. You are unique. NO one has the unique abilities, talents, and experiences that you have. It is these internal guidance systems and skills that need to work themselves out for the world to be blessed.

When David says that God formed you in the inner parts, he is not just referring to the soft pieces that would eventually be inside your body. He meant those software issues we call genetics. Those special things that we do; those impulses that drive you. These were formed there by God in order to impel you to accomplish His will.

What skills, natural interest, talents, and gifts did God weave into your body? Celebrate the ones you got rather than curse that you did not get other ones. It is a wonderful truth that those who celebrate what they have get more; those who complain that they didn't get more, get what they have taken away.

So celebrate. If you are an extrovert, be that. If you are a passive person who prefers for stuff to happen distant from you, then be that. If you are an analyzer then analyze. If you are a decider, then decide. If you are a skilled musician, then do that. If you speak, then speak well. Whatever little pockets of talents God has put in, make sure that it comes out in some way. It is not in there by mistake. He wanted it woven in for a reason.

formed: This is the Hebrew word qanah, which means acquire, create, labor, possess. The idea here is clearly laboring in creation. God worked hard in the internal structures and software that is you. You were created with focus and intensity in the basic internal personality and talent structures that make up who you are. Who you are did not just happen randomly. Your talents, your personality, your passions, your interests, the things that excite you and drive you were formed inside of you and specifically put there for you to have the purpose that you have. God then added to all of that the experiences and involvements that you need to utilize all that He gave you. Of course you can choose to become selfish, stupid, or bitter over the things He gave you or the lessons He sent you. But it makes so much more sense to actually go with the flow of God's purpose for your life.

There is a reason why you are here. Fulfill it and life will make more sense.

inward parts: This is the Hebrew word kiyah, which means kidneys, the seat of emotion and affection. The idea of the kidneys being a symbol for the inner most parts of the personality may come from the fact that when a body is dismembered, the last organ that is reached is the kidneys.

wove: This is the Hebrew word sakak, which means to cover, join together, hedge, fence in. The psalmist is teaching us that God was intimately involved in the joining together of the various parts of our personality and talent. He wove it together while I was still in the womb of my mother.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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