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Breakfast with Solomon - Matthew 5:3

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"

Jesus lays out the key qualities that need to a part of our make up to live a truly blessed life in this introduction to the greatest sermon ever preached. He is not just adding an interesting introduction, He is actually laying out the keys to living a blessed life. These are the hidden inner qualities that are necessary to really enjoy and be satisfied with life.

He starts with the need to be teachable and non-ego driven. The phrase poor in spirit is the word ptochos, which means to be a beggar or a poor man. The idea is one who is in need from everyone. Everyone and anyone could help this person. When it is attached to the spiritual dimension, it clearly means that the person is able to see and receive lessons and insights from anyone. This person does not despise any situation for the learning that can take place. They are humble and open to learn in whatever situations that God puts them in, without arrogance or superiority, which would suggest that certain people are beneath them.

If you do not have humility and a teachable spirit, then you really believe that you are above people and you expect to have others serve you. This mental framework drains satisfaction and meaning out of life as others must serve you.

Poor in spirit includes humility, teachability, submission, and self-esteem.

Humility is the ability to put yourself beneath the person you are talking to in tone and attitude. You do not give off a sense of superiority or arrogance.

Teachability is the ability to learn from anyone.

Who do you need to make your life work?

Have you acted like you need them or have you taken the attitude that you are all high and mighty and do not need anybody?

God will put you in a situation where you are all on your own until you realize that you need others.

How do you need God?

How do you need your spouse?

How do you need your family?

How do you need your colleagues, your work, and other larger organizations?

How do you need the money that flows towards you?

How do you need your community and society?

How do you need your friends?

How do you need your enemies?

God says, “Without me you can do nothing.” We are dependent creatures. We need to take care of the people and beings that we need to live the good life or we will never live it.

God has surrounded me behind and before so that He can prove that I cannot do anything on my own. Until that lesson is learned, He cannot let me out of the cage that He has put me in.

Until tomorrow,

Gil Stieglitz

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