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Ministry Development and Coaching


Do you need help developing a healthy, thriving ministry for single adults?

The truth is that a Singles' Ministry can be one of the healthiest, most generous, most God-honoring ministries in your church. It is a large demographic group that can experience significant spiritual transformation with the right leadership. These adults are men and women, mothers, fathers, and grandparents, blue collar and white collar, young and old, divorced, never married, and widowed. They love to serve, love to give, and love to be in community.


The 2012 Census revealed that there are more single people in this country than ever before (50.2% total, much higher in some regions). We believe that every church has the capacity to serve and minister to single adults in a manner that says “You matter” and “You belong” in the body of Christ.


Our goals for helping you develop a healthy and unique ministry for singles adults are as follows:

  • Understand singles' ministry

  • Identify a core team for this ministry

  • Develop leaders and prepare them to serve the ministry

  • Provide essential values to grow and guide the ministry

  • Establish the do’s and don'ts

  • Create a plan to launch your ministry

  • Continued coaching as needed to maintain a healthy ministry


There is no church too large or too small to develop a healthy singles' ministry. We can help you develop and launch a singles' ministry. Please contact us and we will work with you and/or your team to develop a plan for that works for your church, with your DNA, your resources, and your timing.  


Check out Bridges Sacramento for more information.

PTLB Coach - Pastor Michael Baggett


Michael has led and developed single adult ministries since 1993 including the thriving singles ministry at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California that began with his arrival in 2004. Currently, he leads and directs BrigesSacramento, a thriving single adult community in Roseville, CA. He has 21 years of experience in adult ministries, church leadership, strategic planning, and ministry expansion in churches from 1,500 to 12,000 in weekend attendance. With a huge passion for discipleship, Michael brings unique insights and experience for developing adult ministries for married couples, men, blended families, and single adults including divorce recovery ministry and single parent family ministry. With a primary gift of leadership, Michael enjoys developing people and has a fresh, authentic style of teaching that relates well to others who have experienced life in the real world.

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