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Have you ever wondered why some churches are dynamic and some seem to be stuck? There is nothing quite as exciting as when your church is vibrant and alive with God working. If you are a Pastor, this is what you live for: Watching God bring people to himself; seeing marriages and families repaired; having people want to seek after depth with God; and experiencing people volunteer to serve God. If you are a Christian, this kind of church draws you like a magnet. Who wouldn’t want to attend a church that pulsates with health and the life of God? The question is usually how do we get God to be actively moving in our church like that?


Pastor Gil has studied, led, and consulted with enough churches that he can confidently say God wants your church to be vibrant and alive with His love. The problem is not on His end. Vibrant and Healthy churches are not a mystery; they have allowed God to work through ten specific systems in the life of the church. Yes, a church has ten systems that operate behind the scenes that allow God to flow to and through the people of that church. If the systems of a church are stuck or blocked, then the church is stuck or blocked. Pastor Gil has watched as churches unplug a system or two and begin to experience God adding to the power or size of their ministry. The typical pastor and church that learns the LEADERSHOP System© experience a doubling of their church in twenty-four months. And far more importantly, they are seeing God begin working in and through the church in powerful ways. What are these ten systems, and how do they work in the church?





• What are the 10 crucial skills for every church leader?

• How do you establish what is really going on in your ministry – good or bad?

• Find the leaders you need!



• What is the difference between witnessing and evangelism?

• Quickly jump start any church into evangelism!

• What are the four essentials for evangelism to take place?



• Implement 4 strategies that will increase the number of people who join your church!

• What are the 7 ways you need to love on visitors on their first day?

• Learn the 2 things visitors really want you to do to have them come back!



• Why don’t Christians change when they come to church?

• What are the two key mistakes churches make in discipleship?

• What are the 20 truths that Christians must know?



• What is the key to getting volunteers for the church?

• What are the 5 ways to recruit people to serve?

• How to make people feel comfortable volunteering?



• How to show four budgets on the same one page sheet.

• How to increase giving by 10%.

• What are the two keys to getting large donations to the church?



• Why don’t people connect with God during the week?

• What are the ways to move a whole group into the presence of God?

• How can the leaders prepare for God to show up in a worship service?



• How does a church meet Jesus’ requirement for being friendly?

• What are the 4 keys to true fellowship?

• What are the keys to reaching out to the poor, afflicted, and oppressed?



• Why don’t most churches get above 200 people?

• How does the church have to change as it grows?

• What is the basic infrastructure of most growing churches?



• What is the way to insure that a church is healthy?

• What are the 7 things that Jesus wants churches measuring?

• How can a church make sure that it has the blessing and support of God?


Dr. Gil and PTLB staff are ready to coach your church and leadership to maximize your impact.


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Ministry Development and Coaching


"Vibrant, thriving, healthy churches all have one thing in common, they refuse to settle. For twenty years, Gil Stieglitz has worked with hundreds of churches and helped them develop ministries that create both growth and health. He has grown one of the largest and most influential churches in our region. Gil thinks well, leads well, and is a creative innovator. Any leader pasturing a church who refuses to settle for the status quo will benefit from Gil’s experience."

-Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside Church, Granite Bay, California

Bayside has become one of the fastest growing churches on the West Coast with over 21,000 in attendance.


“I have known Gil Stieglitz to be one of the most innovative and practical ministry coaches in America. He has proven his skill as a successful Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and District Superintendent. At every level, Gil has had a heart to share his success with others seeking to succeed in ministry. I recommend his materials, consulting, and coaching to anyone who wants to move to the next level in their ministry."

-Dr. Conrad Lowe

Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, District Superintendent and President of his own Church Consulting Company.


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