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Pastor Michael Baggett


Michael was first licensed as a minister in 1996 and then ordained in 2004. He has provided counsel ever since for those considering marriage, married couples, single adults, those going through separation and those who have experienced divorce. He brings unique and straight- forward insights through his own life experience. His mother and father divorced when he was 15 as a result of his father’s battle with alcoholism. In 1996 he married Judy, who had three children ages 4, 8 and 9. Years later they had two more children. The marriage and family are strong and united now, but not without plenty of major and minor battles that created significant challenges to their marriage.


Serving in several large churches has afforded Michael a great deal of experience as a counselor. He is truly gifted at identifying issues and understanding practical ways to resolve them. He is often considered a “Go to” guy for staff and others in churches where he has served. His “High grace, high accountability” approach is appreciated and helps to create honest dialog with those he counsels and cares for.

Fees: $100 for 75 minutes.

Scholarships available on an as-needed basis.

Holly Smith Eaton


Holly is a Biblical Counselor who has a great capacity to listen empathetically and discern the needs behind the words to address the deeper issues of the soul. She brings the wisdom of God to her clients in a genuine, caring manner. So often our current struggles are linked to old wounds, to outmoded survival skills that we adopted in traumatic situations, or to patterns we learned in childhood. Holly is skilled at getting to root causes and gracefully working through painful events as the Holy Spirit leads, facilitating lasting healing.


She also has a knack for uncovering unconscious false beliefs to address what’s actually behind those automatic reactions that hinder personal peace and relationships. She empowers clients to reign over their feelings and to experience God’s design for their lives. She is able to be both tough and tender as she brings insight, along with solid, godly teaching, guidance, and encouragement to women, couples, and families. Holly offers help for fears and phobias, broken relationships, abuse, damaged emotions, unhealthy patterns, addictions, and other problems, as well as offering pre-marital, family, and marriage counseling.

Fees: $130 for 90 minutes.

Scholarships available on an as-needed basis.

Please contact us if you would like information and/or to schedule counseling.

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For most couples, there comes a time when you do not have the answers or resources you need for the challenges you face. PTLB Counselors can help you to work through a wide variety of issues like blending families, step parenting, conflict resolution, communication, and more. We will equip you with biblically based counseling along with over 50 years of pastoral and real life experience.

Pastoral Services

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