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Most married couples experience issues in the following areas:


  1. Understanding his needs and her needs

  2. Dealing with immature or old patterns of behavior

  3. Finding peace when temperaments and personalities clash

  4. Determining boundaries for competing relationships

  5. Learning to let go of past baggage


Marital Intelligence is a 5-week series in which each of these problems are discussed in detail, along with antidotes, solutions and self-assessments that help you identify and understand these behaviors. Let’s learn together how we can build healthy practices into our lives and our marriages.

Class 1

Class 1_Handout 1

Class 1_Handout 2

Class 1_Powerpoint

Class 1_Audio File

Class 2

Class 2_Handout 

Class 2_Powerpoint

Class 2_Audio File

Class 3

Class 3_Handout 

Class 3_Powerpoint 

Class 3_Audio File

Class 4

Class 4_Handout 

Class 4_Powerpoint

Class 4_Audio File

Class 5

Class 5_Handout 

Class 5_Powerpoint

Class 5_Audio File

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