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God's Radical Plan for Husbands and Wives Seminar


Since God invented marriage it would make sense that He would have the best plan for making it work.  What he asks can only be described as radical. Hundreds of marriages have been saved and transformed by looking at what God actually says to do. God asks husbands to do things that are completely different than he asks wives. Wouldn’t you like to know what God thinks you should do to make your marriage work at a whole new level. 


God tells husbands in the Scriptures to do about 10 different things for their wives to demonstrate love for their wives. These ten different things are the way that most wives describe what it means to love them. Once you begin to learn about God’s radical plan it becomes clear that this is not how a man would describe what it means to love them. This seminar will help you remember these ten commands by making them a part of the acrostic H.U.S.B.A.N.D.


God's RADICAL Plan for Wives shows wives how to clearly and effectively communicate their needs to their husbands. It explains how a wife can draw her husband into a participation in a great marriage, even when he may be distant or over-involved at work.

Session 1

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Session 2

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Session 3

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Session 5 - Extra Session

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Silver Spur Marriage Retreat

November 6 - 8, 2015

Most married couples experience issues in the following areas:


1. Understanding his needs and her needs

2. Dealing with immature or old patterns of behavior

3. Finding peace when temperaments and personalities clash

4. Determining boundaries for competing relationships

5. Learning to let go of past baggage


Marital Intelligence is a coaching series in which each of these problems are discussed in detail, along with antidotes, solutions and self-assessments that help you identify and understand these behaviors. Let’s learn together how we can build healthy practices into our lives and our marriages.

Session 1_Audio

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